Ginger Reel

32 bar reel for 3 couples in a longwise set

by Tim Harrison (2006)

Bars     Directions
1-4 1st couple lead down the middle below 3rd couple, cast up to 2nd place on own side of dance.  2nd couple step up on bars 3&4.
5-8 1st woman turn 2nd woman once round, giving right hand. 1st man turn 3rd man once round, giving right hand.
9-16 1st couple dance reels of three across the dance: woman up, man down. 1st woman give left shoulder to 2nd man. 1st man give left shoulder to 3rd woman. To finish, face first corner.
17-24 1st couple turn corner, partner, corner, partner. For the 2nd turn of partner, turn 3/4 round. To finish,  woman face up and man face down in the middle of the set.
25-32 1st couple dances reels of three on the sides with their corners, giving left shoulder to 1st corner*. 1st couple cross to own sides on bars 7&8.
Repeat, having passed a couple.

* Some dancers in Austin, Texas, refer to this type of reel as an EGO ("Everyone Goes Out") reel, because 3rd couple goes out and up, 2nd couple goes out and down, and 1st couple goes out the end to the left.

Recommended tune: Jovial Ken (CD: 15 Social Dances track 5, The Barton's Reel/ Muriel Johnstone's Band)

Note: This dance was written for Ginger Moore as a Valentine's Day gift in 2006. Ginger started dancing SCD in the summer of 2005. The name is a play on the soft drink Ginger Ale.